The technology of Longtaidi has always been in the international advanced level. Our company fills lots of technological vacancies in production process, production equipment and technical innovation. The following is our company’s utility model and invention patents


Utility Model Patent ( production equipment)

1. large diameter flange and fit up for pipe equipment
2. Manual welding tool for BW Elbow
3. Compound Die for BW Elbow
4. Fit up equipment for BW Elbow
5. Punching die for Elbow
6. Specific arm for elbow inner wall SAW
7. Feeding system for elbow automatic submerged welding
8. Pressing die for Y tee
9. Gas protection structure with water soluble paper protective film
10. Gas collection drawn equipment
11. a kind of fixure for elbow submerged arc welding

Invention Patent (production equipment)

1. compound die for butt welding elbow pressing
2. Butt welding elbow automatic submerged arc welding machine
3. New heater of bends

Invention Patent (production process)

1. Seamless Y type tee pressing process
2.A kind of processing method of double metal compound single weld elbow
3.T type large diameter compound tee production process

Utility Model Patent (products)

1.A kind of double metal compound single weld elbow


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