Health, safety and environment is the cornerstone of Longtaidi’s development. Our company attaches great importance to HSE since the company has set up and invested lots of money to achieve and maintain the highest standards of management control and employee culture. Get along with society efficiently, reliably, and safely.

1. Occupational Health:

Do the physical examination for employees regularly, inspect dust, noise of working environment to protect employee’s health, and hold basketball game, Ping-Pong game etc. to enrich employee’s life. In addition, company will do the traditional culture education and release books and the teaching CD to employees.

2. Safety Education:

New staff need to join company orientation, and company will hold safety and professional skills training regularly.

3.Environmental Protection:

There is “Environmental protection management system and measures” to manage the working environment and the social ecological environment. Classify production waste to make them recycle, which can make company and social ecological environment harmonious development

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